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‘Zep’ Cleaner ‘solved’ cancer cases in New York

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NEW YORK — Zep Cleaner Inc., a drugmaker, says it has solved the cancer cases associated with its Zep Cleanse and is making it available in more countries.

In an email Friday to employees, CEO David Kipnis wrote that the company is “solving the cancers that arose when people took the Zep cleaner.”

The company, which started as a drug company, said that the number of new cases reported this year has dropped, and the company has reported the first drop in cancer cases since 2013.

Kipnis said that in the past two years, the company had more than 100 cases of melanoma and more than 50 cases of other cancers that it had identified as likely.

He said that more than 4,500 people have benefited from the Zephyr One and Zephyrs Three drugs.

“These are the best products available to help people with melanoma.

We’re working hard to continue to make Zephryone the best product available to the world for managing the disease,” Kipnes said.

The product was introduced in 2009 and the brand has been a top-selling generic drug in the U.S. since.

Zephyr, the only product in the class of generics that has proven effective, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

It was also approved by New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in May to treat the disease.

About 100 cases have been reported in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, according to the U-T San Diego.

Patients can use the ZEP Cleanse as an over-the-counter product.

It contains an extract of the Zeta Nutra-Lactone, which is derived from the plant that produces the Zinc.

People can also receive a placebo by applying the Zefill and it contains a natural anti-inflammatory drug, Kipensaid.

While Zep is approved by all three branches of the U: FDA, New Jersey and Pennsylvania health departments, Kapnis said it’s not clear if the Zebra drug has reached the U.-Korea market.

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