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Why ultrasonic cleaners might be better than regular ones for cleaning windows

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A new ultrasonic cleaning method has been unveiled, and the potential for a cleaner-up that’s actually cleaner than anything you could do with a regular vacuuming is huge.

The tech is based on an ultrasonic technology developed by scientists at MIT and is based around a “microfluidic microbead,” or a type of biodegradable microbubble that absorbs water and allows a cleaner to be emitted.

While the technology could be used for cleaning up your car, office, or other objects, its real use is likely to be used to remove contaminants from water.

“A lot of the water that we use for drinking and washing is actually from wastewater treatment plants,” said Alex Oreskes, a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT who’s working on the new technology.

The problem is that when wastewater is treated, it’s typically treated with anaerobic bacteria that can be extremely toxic.

“So when we add these microbefluids to the water, we can create an extremely biofilmic environment,” Oreske said.

The microfluidics are basically a type that’s essentially a sponge that absorbs a large amount of water, and as it does so, it releases bubbles, which are absorbed by the bacteria and can be released into the water.

Oresakes research has shown that this is enough to create a small amount of microbubbles, but even a small one is enough for a clean-up of a surface.

“Microbubbles are very small, so when you add them to water, they are actually a lot larger than what’s going on inside the water itself,” Oleskes said.

“And the bubbles are essentially like bubbles that are not in the water but are floating around in the air.”

Microbubbles can be used in an ultrasonically controlled vacuum cleaner, and it is possible to create the bubbles by placing the microbids in the bubbles, and then releasing the bubbles.

While this is an interesting approach, Oreses research has been a bit less successful in cleaning up surfaces.

“The bubbles tend to be very thin and it’s hard to get rid of them,” Oeskes said, “and it’s not easy to get them to stay in place.

So the problem with this is that you can only control what happens with the bubbles that you’ve created.”

The next step in the research will be to create another microbionic bubble that can withstand high-pressure conditions, and he hopes to have that technology ready for commercialization by 2021.

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