Why not leave your shower cleaner in the sink

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Some players are so used to showering in a bucket, so they keep their cleaning tools inside their bathrooms.

But some players feel their own bathrooms are too dirty and want to clean themselves.

In an interview with RadioShack, one of the biggest players in Italian football, Alessandro Del Piero, said: “I do my washing in the shower, but I also use the shower and the bathtub for other stuff.”

But, he added: “In the locker room, I wash the shower but I use the bath.

If I have to go outside, I shower in the bushes or in a park.

I do not use the washbasin.”

A few weeks ago, we asked Del Pierou to share his shower cleaning tips.

We asked Del piero for his thoughts on the current state of Italian football and how he can make things better for himself and his team-mates.


Clean your shower, especially if you’re in the dressing room with the team-mate who cleans it.

Del Pieru said that the most important thing when it comes to shower cleaning is to take your time.

“You want to do it properly, but it’s not necessary.

I think that’s one of my biggest responsibilities, cleaning the shower,” he said.

“When I wash my own, it’s in the morning, so it’s good to get it done in the evening.”

“You also want to take care of it, because it’s your shower.

So take care with it, and then after you shower, you’ll be able to see that it’s cleaned.”

“The most important is to have a good shower, because otherwise, you’re not going to do anything,” he added.

“If you’re going to shower, it must be clean, and you need to wash it properly.”

“If I’m washing my own shower, then I’m going to wash the rest of the team, and I’ll do it myself.

I’ll put it on the towel, and that’s when I’ll clean the rest,” he told us. 2.

Don’t leave the cleaning tools in the tub.

Del pieros shower cleaner is made from the same old soap, so when he was washing it, he was sure that the soap was gone.

“In my mind, I knew that it was in the bath, so I put the cleaning tool in the toilet and left it in there.

But then the next morning, I noticed that the cleaning was not working,” he explained.


Wash your hair.

You need to be careful about your hair, so you must wash it twice a week.

“I wash my hair twice a day, and once in the mornings and once at night,” Del Pieros said.

Del Pierso says that he would wash his hair in the shampoo bottle, and wash it again in the water bottle when he returned to the dressing rooms after a game.

“It’s a bit embarrassing for me, but if I’m doing a routine, I will wash my head, I’ll wash my legs, and also I wash both arms and the legs,” he elaborated.

“Then I just wash my arms in the wash, and the head.

And if I want to put my hands in the washing machine, I do it in the showers,” he stressed.

“The way I wash hair is the same, so that’s a good thing,” he concluded.


Wash the towels.

“There is a rule that you must rinse your towels three times a day,” Del Piero explained.

“So I do that three times.

I just like to put them on the washcloth and I don’t take them out.”


Clean the mirrors.

“We have to wash all the mirrors, because we use them as a washbasis for the showers.

The mirrors are the most difficult ones to clean,” Del pieroes said.


Use your washbasins.

Delpeios says that the water bath and the water fountain are the easiest to clean.

“First, it goes to the sink.

Then I wash it, wash the bath in the hot water, then put it in my washing machine,” he mentioned.


Use the bathtubs.

“After I wash, I put it away.

When I come back, I’m sure that it is completely clean,” he revealed.

“And the next day, I have my bath, and there’s a towel.

And I’m ready to go, because the towel is the easiest,” he suggested.


Wash with your hands.

“My washbasics are not the best ones, but when I wash in the kitchen, I just put the wash on my hands and rub it into my skin.

Then my skin cleanses it,” he noted.

“At home, it is good to use a towel, because I feel the towel has better properties than the

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