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When you want to clean a car, just replace the COVID-19 air filter

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Mark Hyman: Ebola is not a pandemic, but a deadly virusNow PlayingScientists warn about the possibility of COVID spread in the U.S. nowThat’s not what I was thinking, I was really thinking about my son, said Dr. Mark Sykes, a physician in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Sykes says he and his colleagues have seen a dramatic increase in the number of COIDs in recent months.

“This is a real crisis that we are going to have to deal with,” he said.

“The more we do, the worse it gets.

And we are not going to be able to deal it.”

Dr. James Martin, an infectious disease specialist and co-director of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, says it is important to note that the rise in cases is not linked to the virus itself, but to the rise of other coronavirotic agents.

“It is very important that we avoid getting on any vehicles that are in the way of the public,” Dr. Martin said.

“If we were to see more cases of COID, we would not be able just to rely on the virus.

There would be another agent that would come along and we would see a rise in COIDs.”

The CDC has urged people to follow the instructions on their car seat belts and keep their windows and doors closed.

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