When does a carburetor leak?

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The carburetors leak and burn fuel when you crank a little harder than normal.

Here’s how to fix it.1.

Turn the ignition switch off and the engine off.2.

Turn off the engine by turning the ignition off and turning the key to the ignition on position.3.

Turn on the engine and crank the throttle down for a few seconds until the engine revs up.4.

Turn down the throttle and crank down the engine until the carburettors shut down.5.

Remove the spark plugs, and put them in the ignition plug socket.6.

Check the carburestor valve for any leaks, and if they are leaking, use a blow torch to blow them out.7.

Reinstall the carb, and crank it up again until the fuel level is correct.8.

Check if the carb is running properly by turning on the ignition, and then turning the engine on and crank up.9.

Check with a spark meter to make sure it is getting good fuel flow.10.

Check to see if there is any leaks in the carburing valve.11.

Replace the carb on the carb cylinder and replace the spark plug.12.

Remove any spark plugs and check the carb to make it as clean as possible.13.

Re-install the spark converter, and check to see how long the spark gap will last.14.

Replace the spark plate and spark plug bolts and check for any problems.15.

Reassemble the engine, and verify it is working as it should.16.

Check that the carb bolts are tight, and remove any excess fluid.17.

Replace all of the carb heads and check all of them for leaks.18.

Reattach the carbs to the engine.19.

Replace any carbureted parts and check them for problems.20.

Check all of your carbureters for any issues, and replace them as required.21.

Rebuild the engine as per normal.22.

Check for any other problems and replace it as per your usual maintenance schedule.

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