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Watch out for the new ‘DuckTales’ in 2017

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A sequel to the cult hit ‘Ducks’ is coming to the big screen, and it’s the best-looking sequel to date.

Ducktales: The Next Movie will come out on January 11, 2017.

It follows the adventures of duck-hunting duo Daffy Duck and his loyal sidekick Daffyt, who are trapped on a desert island. 

Ducktails fans will also be pleased to hear that the film will be the first in a series of Disney XD shows.

There are also plans to bring the beloved Disney DuckTales comic to a big screen in 2020, and Disney will release the film in 2019.

Ducks is one of the most successful animated series in history, having spawned dozens of sequels, spinoffs, and spin-offs.

The show was first released in 1984 and went on to spawn more than 60 episodes.

Disney is hoping to bring back the franchise for the bigscreen, and a new version of the show could potentially take the franchise to a new level.

Duckingtales fans will want to check out a trailer below.

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