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The next big thing in clean tech? – The Conversation

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Posted September 10, 2018 14:18:06The new cleaning technology has taken the cleaning world by storm and is on the rise, with new startups being built around it.

We spoke to CleanTech Australia CEO Paul Pemberton about how the new technology can improve the lives of customers, and what it can mean for the world.

Key points:The CleanTech industry has grown from zero to $US10 billion in the past 12 months and has been described as the next big technologyThere are about 500 CleanTech companies around the world, many with more than 20,000 employees CleanTech is now worth an estimated $US1.6 trillion ($2.5 trillion) and growing fastIt is growing at a rate of about $US500 million a day, according to the CleanTech AssociationThe industry is also growing faster than the broader tech industrySource: CleanTechAustralia websiteThe new technology is the first step towards a cleaner future and can improve people’s health, wellbeing and quality of life, as well as their environment.

CleanTech is a cleaner and more sustainable form of technology that can help businesses save money and make more money.

The Clean Tech Association estimates that there are about 5,000 CleanTech startups worldwide.

“There’s an incredible amount of innovation and invention happening in clean technology,” Mr Pembert said.

He said CleanTech was on the cusp of being a major part of the future.

It was also the catalyst for the Clean Tech Innovation Network, which has helped clean tech companies build their businesses and attract investors.

What is clean tech and what can it do?

Clean tech can mean anything from a cleaner washing machine, to a cleaner kitchen, to cleaning toilets.

It can also mean less pollution and energy consumption.

Clean Tech is a better way to do things, and it can be done at homeThe Clean Technology Association (CTA) estimates that CleanTech businesses in Australia are worth an average of $US100 million a year.

The industry has also seen a surge in the number of CleanTech employees, with over 20,00 in Australia today.

At the moment, there are around 500 Clean Tech companies worldwide, many of which have more than 30,000 workers.

Many of these companies are small, with around 15 to 20 employees.

Some of these small businesses are also run by young people, with the average age of the current employee is 22.

A cleaner washing service is a clean way to get rid of waste.

Mr Pembertoan said clean tech could also reduce the amount of energy used for household cleaning, with many homes in Australia using a washing machine and the use of an electrician to do the cleaning.

Clean Tech could also benefit businesses that rely on the electricity grid, such as electricians, accountants and engineers.

One of the biggest drivers for Clean Tech growth is the shift to a more sustainable way of using the electricity system.

In Australia, about 80 per cent of households use the grid for household and industrial cleaning, according the Clean Technology Alliance.

But, as more people move to clean tech, the impact of the change is lessened, Mr Poberton said.

“It is a more efficient way of doing things and is a much more sustainable method of getting things done.”

CleanTech has the potential to save energy in the long termMr Pobert said the Clean tech industry needed to focus on what it was trying to achieve, rather than the future it was hoping to achieve.

For example, he said the technology needed to make a cleaner home.

And he said companies needed to take care of the environment.

With so many companies building clean tech businesses around the globe, it was time for companies to take a closer look at what they were trying to do, and where the benefits could be.

“You need to be focused on what you are trying to accomplish and be realistic about what you can deliver to that end,” he said.


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