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‘My boss wants to be treated like a person’: Former CEO explains why he didn’t want to be ‘a monster’

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The former CEO of a cleaning company has written an open letter to employees after being fired over his alleged sexual misconduct allegations.

In a letter published by BuzzFeed, Billie Kay, who was the president of an online cleaning company in Florida, wrote that her company had lost its way and was losing revenue due to a lack of funding.

“We lost a lot of our customers to the online cleaning industry, which is a new one, new business, new industry, and a lot was being lost,” Kay wrote.

“I was in a bad place and I had no choice but to let go of all my previous beliefs.

I have decided to make a new start, as I have never had any plans of leaving this business.”

Kay was fired in July 2016 after being accused of sexual misconduct by a former co-worker.

He later admitted to having consensual sex with an employee in 2015, but the former employee later filed a lawsuit claiming he had not been sexually assaulted.

Kay’s letter included a list of things that had changed for him as a result of his experience in the cleaning business, including the fact that he now works from home.

He said that he no longer uses his personal email, and that his work email was no longer being used.

In his letter, Kay said that the company had become a “dead-end” that was losing money.

He also said that employees had complained about his erratic behavior, which led to his departure.

“When I began to look at the company, I realized that I was not the person that I had been in the past, and I was becoming more and more isolated,” Kay said.

“At the end of the day, I didn’t care who was running the business anymore.”‘

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes’: Former VP of marketing and social media, who left company after sexual misconduct claims, tells BuzzFeed News her termination was due to ‘unethical behavior’A former VP of corporate marketing and public relations at a Florida-based cleaning company wrote an open apology to employees on Thursday after she was fired over allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Kristina Acker, who also worked at the cleaning company, wrote on her blog that her firing was due in part to “unethical behaviors.”

Acker, 46, was fired from her job at Cleaning-It in November 2016 after she told investigators that she and other employees were sexually harassed by a coworker, according to The Washington Post.

In an open statement to BuzzFeed News, Acker wrote that she was not a predator and had “never had a consensual relationship with anyone.”

A statement from the cleaning industry said that “the company’s corporate leadership, in consultation with management, have been made aware of allegations of harassment against Kristina Ackerman and have been making a thorough investigation.”

Ackerman said that she had been told that the investigation was “far from complete” and that she did not have any evidence that she would be terminated.

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