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‘I Don’t Think About It’ singer drops ‘I Can’t Do It’ from his new album title “I Don.T.O.L.” — “I Can.T.” title song drops in video

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The video for the song “I’m not sure I can do it” is the latest example of MTV getting it right with a video that goes all out for fans.

The video, which was released this week and stars “I can’t do it,” opens with a glimpse of the singer’s new album and then a shot of the “I Am a Slave” logo, which is now part of the music video.

It ends with the singer walking into a white house and saying, “You can do what you want, but you can’t mess with me.”

Watch the video below:As for the singer himself, the video’s title is a nod to the song’s opening line, which reads, “I don’t think about it.”

“I don.t.o.l. has a big, beautiful, beautiful title, so that was just an attempt to really tell the story of how I feel about it,” he told MTV News.

“So that’s why I decided to write that song.

I wanted to write about my feelings and what it’s like to be in a situation where you’re really unsure of your ability to do something.”MTV has been making music videos for several years now.

It has also been making videos for the likes of Taylor Swift and Jay-Z, as well as the pop stars Kanye West and Ariana Grande.

It is unclear if the video was filmed on the same set as “I.T.,” but the video does feature the same crew.

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