How to keep vinyl sides clean and safe

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Swedish death cleaning company Vinyl Sides is using a special disinfectant cleaner to clean up the vinyl siderostatic cleaner.

The cleaner is also used to disinfect the interior of a car.

Vinyl Sides’ founder, Magnus Stør, told the BBC the cleaner was specially formulated for vinyl siders and would not harm the vinyls, as the chemicals used to kill the bacteria are often too toxic.

Vinyl’s cleaning agents were originally used to remove bacteria from the floors of old car factories, Støro said.

“But these factories were often old and old factories, and were therefore more prone to having mould and mould-causing bacteria in them,” he said.

Støro explained the cleaning agents are specially formulated to kill mould and bacteria, and also to kill harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of vinyl.

“When the vinyl is being processed it’s first cleaned with these disinfectants and then the chemicals are applied to the vinyl,” he explained.

Since the cleaning agent is not harmful to the environment, it can also be used to treat any surface damage caused by the vinyl.

Once the vinyl has been washed and dried, it is sprayed with the disinfectant.

“It also cleans up the dust in the factory and makes sure that it doesn’t get into the vinyl itself,” Størop said.

“We then spray it down the factory roof and all the way through the factory.”

The company is also using the cleaner to disinfect a wide range of surfaces in the interior, including the door handles, dashboard and doors.

Vylvania’s vinyls are often sprayed down the roof of the factory to prevent them from getting in the vehicle, so the company’s cleaning agent doesn’t cause any damage to the interior.

But vinyls can also get into vehicles when they get in the wrong hands, and vinyl sidemakers are sometimes found in the back of vehicles.

The company has said it is working to get the cleaning agency to allow it to use the cleaner on the car, but Størot said the cleaning was just as effective if the vinyl was left on the factory floor.

“You can see it when you’re going to clean the car or you see it after it’s been cleaned, because the vinyl will be more visible,” he told Al Jazeera.

“So you can see if you’re cleaning the vinyl with a vinyl cleaner, the cleaner will have a very small amount of residual in it, whereas if you spray it on the vinyl, it will have the full amount of disinfectant in it.”

A spokesperson for the Swedish death cleansing company told Alja Stadsblad that vinyls would be cleaned using the same disinfectant as used for cleaning up the floors.

“The vinyls used for the cleaning of the car will be disinfected using the cleaning and disinfection agent that is listed in the products used in Sweden,” they said.

“Vinyls are then washed with a clean cloth and dry with a dryer.

The spokesperson added that the company is working with the Swedish authorities to ensure the cleaner is not harming vinyls.

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