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How to fix the ‘rainbow’ vacuum cleaner you’re buying, but don’t know what to do with

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A rainbow vacuum cleaner is being touted as a cleaner for your laundry, but not everyone is so sure.

Here’s how to fix it:It has a black handle with a light purple “rainbow” pattern.

The white light will be turned on when you put it in the dishwasher and off when it’s out.

It can also be used for wiping dishes, vacuuming dishes, cleaning caddies and cleaning vacuum cleaners.

The machine has a blue and white LED light, a blue indicator light and an orange button on the front of the machine.

It also has an alarm that sounds when the blue light is off.

The device can be bought for $100, and is designed to help clean dishes, wash clothes and vacuums.

It has a three-year warranty.

Some customers who bought one of the machines said it was a lot better than the alternatives they had used.

Alyssa Koehler said she bought a Rainbow for $125.

“I love this because it’s very quick and easy,” she said.

She says she’s used other brands of vacuum cleaners but the Rainbow has the best cleaning power.

“The cleaning power is very good, and I love that you can turn the lights on and off at will,” she told ABC News.

“I’ve never had an issue cleaning my caddy.”

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