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How to Clean Your Dog’s Paw

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The pet cleaning business has a rich history of its own. 

It’s no wonder then that many people have had the experience of going to a vet and being told that the vet couldn’t find the problem with their dog’s paw. 

A simple Google search on the term “dog paw” will reveal a number of websites that list the following criteria: “the pet must be alive, and the animal must be healthy. 

the animal must not be underweight” “dog must not have been treated by the vet for any other reason”  “if the dog was underweight or in poor health, it must be checked by a vet” These websites are not the only sources of advice about pet grooming. 

For many people, their first brush with pet grooming is when they have their first puppy. 

“My first puppy was a dog that I bought for $2,000. 

After a week of having to groom my dog for it, she was already at three months old and I was in shock,” says Natalie. 

Natalie and her husband, Sam, were lucky. 

The pair were also lucky in that they were not dog owners themselves. 

While Natalie was working part-time at a cleaning business in Sydney, Sam was working as a contractor and he had been training dogs to be groomers. 

He was also training them to do housework and cleaning, but when they were home with their first pup, Natalie noticed a problem. 

Sam told Natalie and Sam that she was going to have to clean the dog’s paws, and Natalie decided to do it. 

This was a huge moment for Natalie and she was ecstatic. 

She says, “The whole process of grooming was such a new experience to me that I had to really push myself and work hard.” 

“The first time I went to the vet, I was so nervous that I would die in the surgery because I was very nervous, and then I saw how happy my wife was that I was doing it, I realised how much I loved my dog and the whole process was just so relaxing. 

I felt so relieved to finally be doing something that was so easy and fun and relaxing.” 

Sam and Natalie took their first dog to the vets. 

When the vet did the assessment, she noticed that the dog had an enlarged paw.

“She told me that they had an infection on the top of the paw and that it had to be surgically removed,” Natalie explains. 

As the surgery was being carried out, Sam explained to Natalie that she would be cleaning the dog with bleach for two hours, and they would also be brushing the dog for two minutes. 

Despite Sam and Natalie not having any dogs of their own, Natalie still knew how to groom a puppy, and it took Sam and her first puppy to the grooming salon to make the appointment. 

 Nathan and Sam say that they knew the appointment would be stressful, but they also knew it was the right decision. 

By the time they left the surgery room, Natalie was crying. 

“[The vet] had her check the dog and said, ‘she has a very large paw.’ 

And that’s when I knew it.

It was so important to me to do that. 

‘She has a big paw.

She needs to be cleaned up,’ she said to me.” 

 The first visit to the groomers was a success. 

Pet grooming was the perfect experience for Natalie.

Natalie has found that dogs and cats that she does her work with love cleaning their paws and she is happy to share that she has worked with a number who are very pleased with their pets. 

In fact, Natalie says she has met with a handful of pet owners who have come to her to explain how their pet was treated. 

Natasha has been fortunate to work with so many pet owners, and she would like to give back to the pet grooming community in a special way by sharing some of her experiences. 

Here is a selection of tips Natalie has shared on her experiences working with pet owners:”I’ve had to go through many, many vets in my career and this was the most important step for me because I really felt like I was helping people.” 

She said that pet grooming was a privilege for many vets, because they knew she had been through it herself. 

Although Natalie was only a few months into her job at the time, she felt she was able to help others by sharing her experience with others. 

You can read more about Natalie’s experience by following the links below:”It’s a lot to learn, and there’s no shame in that.

There’s a responsibility.

But it’s not easy to make it happen.” 

Nathaniel was also very grateful to Natalie for being able to share her experience of grooming her pet. 

“I can tell you that I love my

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