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How to clean battery terminals using battery cleaner

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Google has introduced a new battery cleaner that claims to clean up battery terminals and make them less prone to corrosion.

The battery cleaner comes with a small pouch that contains a small, round metal disc that’s meant to help remove the battery and replace it with fresh battery cells.

The company has released a video on its YouTube channel that shows the product in action.

According to Google, the battery cleaner “is intended for use in the battery terminal cleaning process, as well as in the cleaning of battery terminals that are prone to surface corrosion”.

“In order to safely clean batteries, we recommend using a professional battery cleaner such as a disposable battery cleaner or a rechargeable battery cleaner,” the company said in a statement.

“If you are concerned about battery terminals becoming dirty, or if you have a battery terminal that is not clean, we highly recommend using an all-in-one battery cleaner.”

The company said that it does not recommend using this battery cleaner in a car, and that it is only intended for the battery cleaning process.

“We do not recommend this product for use with a motor vehicle,” the video said.

“It is intended for a small-volume application, such as cleaning battery terminals in a factory or shop.”

Google did not respond to a request for comment.

Google has a battery cleaner on its Google+ page, and the company says it will soon start releasing battery cleaner for people who are looking for cleaner solutions.

“As battery cleaner is the most common and popular cleaner for our devices, it is a good choice for those who want to take care of their battery, especially if they use a lot of the same phones and tablets that we do,” Google said. 

It added that battery cleaner can be used in an air purifier or in the microwave.

It is also available in the US and Europe.

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