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How to clean a stove top: The ammonia cleaner

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How to Clean a Stove Top Cleaner with a Cloth Pourer, and What to Do Next to Make It Last longer: We recommend the following cleaning method: Remove the top cover with a soft cloth (a cotton pad works well) and gently wipe it with a cloth towel.

If the cloth pad is sticky, you may need to use your hands to remove it.

Place the cloth on the stove top.

Brush the cleaner on the cloth.

This will allow the cleaner to penetrate through the fabric.

Brush on the other side of the cloth to seal the cleaner in.

Repeat the process until all the cloth is cleaned.

Clean the remaining fabric with a paper towel.

Place your cloth back on the surface of the stovetop.

Brush off the cleaner with a rag or brush and wipe off the paper towel with a cotton pad.

Repeat this process for the remaining cloth.

Repeat these steps on all sides of the surface.

Rinse with a clean cloth, or just water, to remove the cleaner.

The cleaner will absorb the cleaner into the fabric, leaving a cleaner residue on the fabric as well.

Rinject the cleaning solution into the stove.

Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then use a cotton ball to wipe the excess cleaner into your sink.

Repeat for the rest of the sink.

You can also use a scrub brush to scrub any excess cleaner from the surface and rinse the surface with water.

Use the scrub brush on the entire surface of your stove top if you don’t want to completely wipe it.

Repeat on the rest.

Use a sponge or cotton ball for cleaning the surface as well as any fabric.

Place a soft brush over the surface to gently scrub the surface area with the sponge or cloth.

Rinso-Foam Cleaner or Foam Sponge: For a foam cleaner, use a sponge and then fill the nozzle with water and spray onto the stove surface.

You’ll need a small amount of foam cleaner for the nozzle, but not more than 2 ounces (150 ml).

After about 10 minutes, pour a little of the foam cleaner into a clean cup.

Repeat with the other nozzle until the nozzle has filled all of the water and the foam has completely dried on the surfaces.

Cleaning with a foam sponge can be a bit messy, but it will make the surface feel smoother and less sticky.

You should also try to make sure you are not over-lapping the foam and using too much foam cleaner.

It’s better to leave a little foam on the side of your sponge, so that the foam will settle out when you spray it.

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