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Cleaning and washing is the last task of the day at the Rurikasamanya Rama Temple in India’s Rajasthan state.

The temple, built on a hilltop, has over 3,000 shrines, which are usually kept in a sealed area in the main temple compound. 

The Rurishasamana Temple in the southern Indian city of Ahmedabad, built in the 13th century, has one of the highest concentrations of shrines. 

Ramasamana temple, Ahmedabad.

(Photo credit: AFP) The first of these shrines to be built in India was the Rama Purana (Sutra of Creation), in which God created the world, a task that took thousands of years. 

In the Rasa Purana, a person is blessed with three lives, and each day, they spend a portion of their life there. 

“This is the first time in the history of religion that we are able to construct a shrine on such a high hill,” said Ramesh, an assistant professor of archaeology at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

“The idea behind it was to give the temple a modern look and also give the devotees a sense of history and the importance of rituals.”

This will also make the shrine more accessible for the public,” he added. 

This image shows the Rarajasamaya temple in Ahmedabad with a modern view, where the devotee can enter the shrine for cleansing.

(Image credit: Reuters) It’s also one of only two temples in India with an elevator and stairs, and the only one in the world to have a roof and roof terraces. 

To help the devoteee’s mental health, the Rarsamana is built in an indoor environment, allowing the devoteor to take his or her time to wash and clean. 

There are no bathrooms or other amenities at the temple, but the devotere can access the toilet by sitting on the steps and using a toilet seat. 

According to Ramesham, who is also a senior research fellow at the National Museum of Culture, there are around 5,000 devotees who visit the Raraamana. 

 The shrine is considered an important symbol of Hinduism, and many devotees, including some in their 80s, still visit the temple. “

They come to pay homage to the Buddha, and it is one of their daily rituals. 

 The shrine is considered an important symbol of Hinduism, and many devotees, including some in their 80s, still visit the temple. 

When I was in college, there was one guy who would come every day for 20 years,” Ramesha told the BBC. 

She added that she was happy to see the shrine becoming a temple of worship.

“People who come here are often very grateful for the shrine.

They come here to pray for blessings from the Lord, and we have temples of worship like this in every city and village in India,” she said.

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