Carpet spot cleaner to be offered in the US under ‘sustainable’ brand, says the manufacturer

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In March 2016, carpet cleaner manufacturer Proraso announced it was making the change from using coal to solar energy.

Proroso said that its Solar Cleaning system was more environmentally friendly and that it would be able to provide the cleaner, cheaper alternative to conventional carpet cleaners.

The company’s chief executive, Paul Dickey, said that the new cleaner, called Solar Cleaner, was “more sustainable than coal”, and said that it was a “good move”.

“We are moving to solar because we believe the technology is the future for carpet cleaning,” he said at the time.

“We are looking at this technology and are very confident that it will work as a cleaner and cleaner alternative to coal.”

Prorasoso’s move to solar has been welcomed by environmentalists.

“Solar Cleaner is a great move to get us out of the coal industry, but it has to be done responsibly,” said Rachel Zwicky, who runs the environmental group Earthworks.

The company said that, in addition to its solar cleaner, the new product was “an affordable and effective alternative to traditional carpet cleaning”.

In the US, the Solar Cleaners Solar Cleanener is available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon, along with other retailers and hardware suppliers.

Pronaso said in a statement that it planned to begin offering the Solar Coolers Solar Cooler and Solar Cleaned Cleaning System in the first half of 2017.

Solar Cleaners is the third Solar Cleanner product from Prorisoso to be launched by the company, after the Cleaner 2.0 cleaner, which is now on sale at Walmart and Lowe’s.

As well as solar cleaners, Prorsoso has introduced its first carbon dioxide-free carpet cleaner in March, which can be used for cleaning the carpet and walls of homes.

In January, the company also launched the Carbon Emission Free Cleaning Cleaning Brush and Solar Energy Cleaner.

But Proro has not stopped with its solar products.

The firm is also working on an electric cleaner, the Electric Cleaner Cleaning and Shampooer, which will come to market later this year.

Despite the success of the Solar Shampooers Cleaner and Cleaning Shampoo, it has yet to announce any other products in the pipeline.

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