Apple’s Zep Cleaner suede shoe is so clean, it has a sticker to boot!

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Apple has a brand new cleaning suede sneaker that will cost you $399, but its owner is still able to get it for free.

According to a listing on Amazon, the Zep is made from suede and is designed to keep you smelling great.

It comes in a variety of colors, including black, burgundy, blue, and white, and has a tag that says, “It’s so clean that you can smell it.”

The sneaker’s owner, Zachary J. Hirsch, told Recode that he bought the sneaker for $100 from a store on Craigslist, but it wasn’t until he saw how clean it was that he thought he’d try and get it made himself.

When Hirsch put the sneak on display, he said he thought it looked great, and he’s been happy to use the product for years.

He said he was able to buy the shoe on the spot and had it shipped to him in just three days.

When he got the sneaks to the shop, he noticed that there was a sticker on the shoe that said “zep cleaner.”

That’s the word he used to describe it to the seller.

“The seller said it smelled so good, and I was like, ‘That’s great.

What’s the smell of Zep?’

He said, ‘It’s a great sneaker.

We don’t sell them in bulk so you can get one for $399.’

And it’s totally free.

I don’t think he could make it if I did,” Hirsch said.

“It was awesome.

It’s so cool.

I just love how clean I feel.

I have a real clean taste in my mouth.”

He said the smell alone made him feel like he was walking around in a house without a single odor.

“I’m not a fan of that smell,” he said.

Hinkle added that it was great that he could get it without buying the whole sneaker, which would have cost him $499.

Hirsch said he also likes the shoe’s price tag.

“It’s like I’m getting something good for my money.

I love this brand.

I want to get more,” he added.”

They do really good quality.

It was just a really good sneaker,” he told Recidc, saying he had not bought the shoe yet but was considering doing so.

“And I really like the packaging.”

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