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A fish tank cleaner makes you feel fresher

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Cleaning fish tanks can be a stressful job, but one man has found a way to make it even more enjoyable with a homemade product.

As reported by the Independent, one man used a homemade sponge to create a fish tank filter, and added a little salt to make the filtration more effective.

The results are pretty amazing.

The man told the paper that he “got more fish” after using the product.

You can see him doing this on the right.

“I’ve been using it to clean my carpets and carpets, it makes carpets smell nicer,” the man told ABC News.

“It has helped me to get fish out of my carpentry, and it’s definitely the most pleasant thing I’ve done to carpets.”

It’s not the first time a homemade fish tank cleaning product has been tested.

In June, an Australian couple claimed to have made a similar product using a plastic bag.

That product did not work as well as the one used in the man’s experiment, and the couple later found that the product had been contaminated by bacteria.

The product was pulled from the market after testing revealed it contained chemicals that can cause respiratory problems.

The man told that he now uses the product “almost exclusively” because it makes him feel “better”.

“The smell it gives off is more than enough to put me off my fish tank,” he said.

“I’m just amazed by it.

I think it makes a big difference to my mind.

It’s great to have something that makes me feel better.”

If you want to try it yourself, head over to and check out the instructions.

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